Poems and short fiction by A.L. Blacklyn—


“The Conflict at Hand” (Stupefying Stories)


“Seven Things You Have Helped Me to Remember” (The Deadlands Issue 6)

“Stellar Satellite” (Frozen Wavelets Issue 6)

Previous Years

“Werespider” (Frozen Wavelets Issue 5)

“From Guts to Moon Dust” (Polu Texni)

“Gifts of Gods and Men” (The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Vol. 10 No. 1)

“A Hermit’s Day” (Frozen Wavelets Issue 2)

“Better Latte Than Never’s” (Dark Moments)

“Beating Dead Horses” (first version published by Ad Hoc Fiction)

“Grotesquery” (Kindle Direct)


Text: "They attacked us in our dreams. No one had expected humans capable of invading minds."