Water Cooler and Other Writing Forums

Empty seats in an industrial office setting

Does anyone else remember chats at the office water cooler? I was looking for images for this post and realized that mainstream corporate culture has changed so much that maybe people hovering in a corner at breaks for a chance to talk about personal issues with less of a risk of a disciplinary meeting is… Continue reading Water Cooler and Other Writing Forums

Vision (or, Menu Labels)

lightbulbs in the dark

Happy Monday! That's still today where I live. A friend commented on my site's navigation menu. I know, the labels are strange, and I've realized that an explanation might help visitors--like you! Here's what I mean by the current, cutesy menu titles. thoughts: my main blog page. glimmers: flash fiction, tiny essays, poetry, novel excerpts… Continue reading Vision (or, Menu Labels)

Settling Into a New Webspace

Grounded crow with wings spread

Welcome to Shadows in Mind This new blog is starting fresh after more than eight years of false starts and interruptions. Did you notice the URL for this site? It's finally shadowsinmind.net instead of a .wordpress domain name. What to Expect Most of my content should show up later this year under to category pages.… Continue reading Settling Into a New Webspace