lightbulbs in the dark

Vision (or, Menu Labels)

lightbulbs in the dark
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Happy Monday! That’s still today where I live.

A friend commented on my site’s navigation menu. I know, the labels are strange, and I’ve realized that an explanation might help visitors–like you!

Here’s what I mean by the current, cutesy menu titles.

thoughts: my main blog page.

glimmers: flash fiction, tiny essays, poetry, novel excerpts (one of these days), and story notes. These are the blog posts about my creative writing.

processes: non-fiction for writers. This contains a sub-menu:

  • links go to new spaces: list of external writing resources.
  • science inspires: my Weird Science in the News posts.
  • story formatting matters: formatting guide for short story submissions.

contact: a webform that will send your message to my email.

Make sense? Please let me know below if it doesn’t.

Thanks for playing in the Shadows.