Release Day: “Grotesquery”

My first ebook is available exclusively as an Amazon Kindle download. This sword and sorcery fantasy is a short story based (very) loosely on my research of medieval Wales. The ebook will be offered for free as an All Hallow's Eve deal from tomorrow (Monday) through Thursday. Subscribers of Kindle Unlimited will continue to have… Continue reading Release Day: “Grotesquery”

Post-Convention Thoughts and Reimagining

Image of Jupiter from a moon's mountain range

quotes and lessons from MileHiCon 50, a literary speculative fiction convention Modeling the World in Fiction There's a quality of fiction that's modeling--that's showing a model of the world. Author Paolo Bacigalupi said this last Friday during a panel discussion. His line is one of the best things I heard at the convention. That's one… Continue reading Post-Convention Thoughts and Reimagining

Glimmer: End to the Creepy Game

chocolate cake with curly, lit candles

"End to the Creepy Game" by A.L. Cali scrunched in the dark closet with her head against a box of Fruit Loops. Is this mean? she wondered. I've won the last three--oh, ha!--the last four times. Even if he hasn't stopped playing, he's not going to like me using food against him. Her thoughts made… Continue reading Glimmer: End to the Creepy Game