Shades of Memory

Once upon a bright Californian desert, I lived in fear of the sun. That fear might have been inspired by an incident with a seat buckle when I was a toddler. Back then, car seats exposed more metal than what's allowed today. I don't remember the incident but know I witnessed my sister burn on… Continue reading Shades of Memory

Weird Science in the News – 180622

Jellyfish glowing green © sgrunden

This is a glowing bonus post for Weird Science in the News! Another post with news from this month should go up next week. I think we could all use reminders today of the weird and wonderful in our world. Glowing Bacteria A team of biologists recently made the bacteria responsible for cholera glow to… Continue reading Weird Science in the News – 180622

Weird Science in the News – 180601

painting of the yellow rat among dinosaurs, by Jorge A. Gonzalez

The best science messes with our perceptions. Here's my first of the Weird Science in the News series for 2018! Way back, I tried to maintain a monthly series of posts called Weird Science in the News. Each post took hours to research, draft, and edit. The majority of my drafted posts never made it… Continue reading Weird Science in the News – 180601