Poems, microfiction, and short stories–

Forthcoming: “A Hermit’s Day” (Frozen Wavelets)

Selected Bibliography

“Better Latte Than Never’s” (Dark Moments, 2019)

“Beating Dead Horses” (first version published by Ad Hoc Fiction, 2019)

“Mourns She” (2019)

“Oiling the Day Burn” (2019)

“Follow, Report, Delete” (2019)

“Grotesquery” (2018)

“OwW1” (2018)

“in the Shower” (Three Line Poetry Issue #48, 2018)

Short Story on Amazon

A city-state…
The magical order of King’s Capitol is threatened.

A lost guardian…
Memories drive a former king’s guard away from her duty.

A pensive wizard…
Head Royal Wizard Iel must face his life’s regrets to restore the peace.

When life ends, it begins in a different form.

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