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Menu Labels

thoughts: the blog page listing all posts.

glimmers: flash fiction, tiny essays, poetry, novel excerpts (one of these days), and story notes.

processes: non-fiction for writers. This contains a sub-menu:

  • science inspires: my Weird Science in the News posts.
  • posts guide writing: writing resources within my blog.
  • links go to new spaces: list of external writing resources.

contact: a web form that will send your message by email.

Labels for Blog Posts

Categories and tags are other tools for finding content. Click on a phrase–for example, the tag “dark fantasy” or “Flash Fiction” category–to see the blog posts it marks.

Home Page and Author Bio

the mind is the main entry page for this website. To return to that page, either click on the header showing “SiM” or on “Shadows in Mind” in the top menu bar.

External Links

The default action for most links on this site is to open the next page on the tab or window you are already using. However, pages that were not created for Shadows in Mind and that are linked inside the primary content of blog posts are set to open new tabs. Tip: You might need to look for the new tab to view external content, depending on your device settings.