Goodbye, Camp NaNoWriMo 2018

2018 Winner of Camp NaNoWriMo header

When I posted "NaNoWriMo 2018: Late to Camp", we were already in the second week of July. I'd committed to a new project and no cabin for encouragement. Feeling alone and behind schedule makes for an intimidating start. Fortunately, Camp is far more relaxed than the big NaNoWriMo challenge in November. A few people joined… Continue reading Goodbye, Camp NaNoWriMo 2018

Glimmer: End to the Creepy Game

chocolate cake with curly, lit candles

It's story time! This weekend's story is a revision of one that first appeared on Cristi Craig's now-defunct blog. (She has a new one.) Cristi challenged me to write flash fiction inspired by a prompt of "creep". She gave me about a day to draft the original. The result was a contemporary story about cousins… Continue reading Glimmer: End to the Creepy Game

Pans in the Fire, Hands Writing Ire

campfire in a woods

Where's the line between Horror and Dark Fantasy? The question bothered me earlier this week. Is my classification of darker works appropriate? I've always heard the Horror genre defined by the author's intentions, along the lines of "Horror is anything meant to scare the reader." That makes sense, though it's strange to acknowledge that I… Continue reading Pans in the Fire, Hands Writing Ire

Glimmer: Within the Trio

Interior of Trinity College, Dublin © James_Jester

"Within the Trio" by A.M. Lynn In the tense silence, a tremor passes from each soldier to the next. “Engage!” Discordant mayhem engulfs the cry. Within the swarm, sight conquers, deciphering enemy from ally. Two allies swirl around the advancing center that is me. Focusing past them, I track then disarm fragments of the enemy.… Continue reading Glimmer: Within the Trio

Three Line Poetry “in the Shower”

child within a shower

I made my first poetry sale! Prolific Press accepted and has already published one of my poems, casually titled "While in the shower" for my notes. You can read my three-line poem and the work of about fifty other writers in Three Line Poetry Issue #48. Issue #48 in paperback is available from the Prolific Press… Continue reading Three Line Poetry “in the Shower”

Glimmer: Hunting Boredom

Jungle landscape

"Hunting Boredom" by A.M. Lynn Prey approached. The monster held his breath and moved nothing but his eyes. The human would get no warning. A vine of green satin draped over one shoulder, heavy, but the monster waited, counting within the shadows. On the sixtieth second, he leapt. Shirts flew alongside him, adding drama to… Continue reading Glimmer: Hunting Boredom