Glimmer: Motivation

A runner in a grand hall © Jason Goodger

"Motivation" It is a race With no one else I hate my pace I’m too slow I must go FASTER I push, my mind It realizes I can’t be kind My body Will comply “Yes, master” There is the line I see my goal I’m almost there Can’t quit now Shoulders low GO FASTER This… Continue reading Glimmer: Motivation

Glimmer: OwW1

Owl © 4924546

OwW1 by A.L. Blacklyn I checked the robotic mouse that was waiting on an X taped on the floor. Okay, my owlish friend, time for the test. "Catch the mouse." The larger robot on her perch turned her head to blink unevenly at me with yellow eyes. Her beak opened into a shrill "Whyyy?" "What?"… Continue reading Glimmer: OwW1

Glimmer: End to the Creepy Game

chocolate cake with curly, lit candles

"End to the Creepy Game" by A.L. Cali scrunched in the dark closet with her head against a box of Fruit Loops. Is this mean? she wondered. I've won the last three--oh, ha!--the last four times. Even if he hasn't stopped playing, he's not going to like me using food against him. Her thoughts made… Continue reading Glimmer: End to the Creepy Game