Social Media Shift

This is a post to inform you all of where to find me online as I have joined many authors in closing up our Twitter accounts while the company is smashed apart by its latest owner(s).

I am now set up on a Mastodon instance called Wandering Shop.

Writers with similar interests may also see me under the same username on Discord servers such as SFF Authors Collaborative (with 80 other members) and Character-Driven Speculative Fiction (with almost 80 other members). You may comment either below or through my site’s contact form there are servers you recommend or general concerns about Discord you want to share.

My author Twitter account has been deleted, so please note that any future use of “shadowsminder” from that platform is not by me, not representing me, and likely unknown by me. Typically on any social media platform, if it’s not linked to my website, then it’s not an official Blacklyn account.

By the way, it’s a good practice to be familiar with the primary online places your favorite creators use for official sites. For fiction authors, these are usually websites created with Wix, WordPress, or WriteFreely.

See you around.

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