Poetry Published in 2020

Happy New Year! Here is a simple poetry-in-review post for what was published last year. Several poems were purchased for publication in journals. A few other poems I shared on this website.

In Journals

…speculative fiction…

“A Hermit’s Day” (Frozen Wavelets Issue 2)

“Gifts of Gods and Men” (The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Vol. 10 No. 1) – not yet available for free online

“From Guts to Moon Dust” (Polu Texni, 2020)

“Werespider” (Frozen Wavelets Issue 5)

On This Site

“Forest Child” (March)

“Health Cares” (August)

“Melancholy Embodied” (August)

Please let me know if you enjoy any of these.

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