Glimmer: OwW1

Owl © 4924546


by A.L. Blacklyn

I checked the robotic mouse that was waiting on an X taped on the floor.

Okay, my owlish friend, time for the test.

“Catch the mouse.”

The larger robot on her perch turned her head to blink unevenly at me with yellow eyes. Her beak opened into a shrill “Whyyy?”

“What?” I asked. “Go hunt!”


English responses to commands wasn’t in her code. I scanned the project’s access log on my tablet.

“Huuunt?” Her beak clicked closed to end the word.

“Yeah.” I shot my chair across the floor to the desk where I could better view our 3D data projections.

Limbs of feathery plastic fluttered. Her talons clenched around my head.

Happy Saturday thoughts from a science fiction literary convention. Be safe!

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