Restricted from Giving ❤️s

Blanked-out profile with message from Twitter: "Caution: This account is temporarily restricted"

Howdy, y’all. Happy Saturday?

I’d be happier if I stuck in shadows without my consent.

While waiting for Twitter to respond about what’s happening with my account, I’m playing with the options that site has left open for me during the poorly explained restrictions.

Twitter is ignoring my instructions from WordPress. The restrictions also carry over to tweetdeck. I wasn’t left with many options to tell Twitter-only followers why I’ve gone silent. Mostly all I can do @writeramlynn is change my settings and profile information.

So that’s what I’ve updated!

My profile shows that I’m:

  • under restrictions,
  • trying to talk to Twitter Support, and
  • posting about the situation on this website (Shadows in Mind).

I’ve removed the “Hiding in the woods” joke in my location, because that’s not funny to me at this time.

Choosing to hide away is different from being forcibly hidden away, and I feel that with the horrific stealing of rights happening in the world these days, that difference should be respected.

By the way, I do see notifications from those of you who are responding to my pre-lockout tweets and trying to get Twitter Support’s attention for me. Thank you for thinking of me! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️