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campfire in a woods
campfire in a woods
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Where’s the line between Horror and Dark Fantasy?

The question bothered me earlier this week. Is my classification of darker works appropriate?

I’ve always heard the Horror genre defined by the author’s intentions, along the lines of “Horror is anything meant to scare the reader.” That makes sense, though it’s strange to acknowledge that I don’t ever write horror stories. No matter how dark or gruesome my fiction gets, my intention is to convey ideas and present character.

Turns out, I think like a speculative fiction writer, not a writer of horror. Disturbing readers is a way to encourage new thoughts and feelings.

I’m not sure I can understand the writer whose primary goal is to frighten or disgust readers. That’s even with maybe living with one.

Whine and Brag

I’m reworking five short stories for my Camp NaNoWriMo project. The longest is complete. My cabin is small, but guess who’s leading it? Yeah, I am.

The group is really relaxed. I’m a touch worried about disappearing on them at the end like what happened last year, but they can get on without me if that were to happen.

Another temporary lead I’ve taken is for a short story contest in the SFFWorld Writing forums. That’s low-maintenance, too. Writers responded to my prompt! The best time to push for enthusiasm might be in the middle of August.

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Today’s #ThursdayAesthetic for the theme of “Antagonist”

The work-in-progress at this time for Camp NaNoWriMo is also my entry to the contest.

What Else is Cooking

I’m waiting to hear back on six story submissions. One of them is to the final issue of the speculative fiction magazine Shimmer. By the way, that Shimmer issue will be out November 2018, with an anthology to be released in late 2018.

In the moments when reading is easier, I’m making my way through Stephen King’s revision of Gunslinger.