A Few Ways to Get Publishing Agents

bird of prey in flight
bird of prey in flight
photo source: Pixabay on Pexels

Though my focus this month remains on my short stories, I know many of the writers I see online are holding on to completed book manuscripts in need of homes.

Are you ready for an agent or content editor?

Manuscript Wish Tracking

I came upon resources for querying publishing agents that is now in Www-writing resources! This is a permanent addition unless I hear of problems with the programs.

An agent takes on much of the market research for books. Find ones looking for your manuscript at Manuscript Wish List. The online QueryTracker can help with organizing submissions to agents.

Pitch Events

Many publishing professionals and hopefuls meet up on social media. One of the ways writers can find interested agents is through Twitter hashtag events known as pitch parties. The next Twitter pitch party for unpublished fiction and non-fiction is –tomorrow (July 18)! Learn more about the event at Kristin D. Van Risseghem’s #Pit2Pub page.

This Thursday’s event is , by Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

Hashtag-based pitch parties coming up later this year:

  • on Thursday, September 6
  • on Thursday, October 25
  • and on Wednesday, November 7
  • #PitMad (mentoring match-up by Pitch Wars) on Thursday, December 6

Other Writers

Let me know if this post helps you catch a good marketing partner. Best wishes!

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