On Posts’ Status and Comments

Alberta, Canada scenery

Maybe no one else knows. I was trying for Weird Science in the News on the last Friday of the month and a weekly post with one of my poems or stories every Saturday. That didn’t work out this weekend.

Focusing on the past won’t change it. I’m moving ahead with plans for this next week.

One thing, though. I clicked Like instead of responding to a few comments on my posts. That continues to feel as if it needs to be addressed.

A Like shows a response (I like this!) but not an interest in conversation. Please know that while I’m not quick at responding, I do think about visitors.  What’s really nice is when people feel comfortable commenting.

Comments help me know how posts are receieved, and anyone else who has taken time to read my thoughts might benefit from yours.

Thanks for reading!

PS: Happy Canada Day! Thank you for all that you do for yourselves and the world, Canadians. Your country’s existence brings hope to many in the U.S.A. in our darkest days.