the mind

portraitA.L. Blacklyn currently resides in the Southeastern United States with their obliging spouse, storytelling child, and lizard-chasing pets. Their fiction has appeared here, on Amazon, and in Dark Moments.

A.M. Lynn plays with, and attempts not to break, introspective and humorous poetry. Their work has appeared here and in Three Line Poetry.

the backstory

Shadows in Mind started as a blog about “writing and living” way back in 2009. Blogging was a way to connect with more writers, practice edits, and build confidence. Although the address has changed, the name of this site has remained the same since the beginning.

The general use of Shadows in Mind has shifted along with audience expectations–from an erratic artist’s personal weblog to an emerging author’s site for sharing work under the A.L. Blacklyn and A.M. Lynn pen names (for the same person).

Please note that this site has no affiliation with any book or film of the same name.

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shadowy cartoon aviIn my early years of writing, I haunted Hatrack River Writers Workshop and Liberty Hall Writers (now closed). After a long and uncomfortable break from writing, I threw into the challenges in the SFFWorld Writing forums and started hanging out at the Absolute Writer Water Cooler (AWWC). More recently, the “neo-pro” group for speculative fiction writers, Codex, has graciously added me as a member.