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I’ve been feeling insecure as a writer this evening, which is convenient. Today is this month’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group day!

Typically, I remember a day too late to participate.

What IWSG does is prompts writers to talk about their writing-related fears and doubts on their blogs. Participants are then encouraged to support each other in comments.

Today’s Question: Besides writing, what other creative outlets do you have?

Answer: I’ve enjoyed drawing, painting, practicing photography, performing at  various types of events, training in martial arts, singing, and dancing.

These activities are bigger challenges than they were in my 20s. Money, time, and energy have always been limiters. I’m always worked around or despite trauma and chronic health issues. Now, though, there are more frequently days when holding a pen(cil) to draw is agony, more painful than typing. Cleaning up the pain takes more energy than I have (what with the standing, walking, carrying, scrubbing, and looking for drips or spills). The physical training in martial arts and dance are impeded by the same issues. I can no longer use a flash on a camera without triggering or exacerbating a migraine. My offline social life has become almost nonexistent, and driving to gigs is dangerous most days.

What’s frequently left is singing, to myself and my child. We even sing original stories to each other.

That, singing, keeps some of the fear away when I can’t write.

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  1. I believe music has healing properties. I’m glad singing is still available to you.

    1. Me, too. Losing my voice is always hard. I’m grateful that rarely happens. As long as I can stay awake, even when my voice is quiet and my thinking is sluggish, my body creates songs.

  2. The exuberance of youth does give way to the limitations of time. I’m with you there. I love that you and your child sing stories. Oral history is a well-respected method worth carrying on.

    1. Well… my youth was painful and restricted by time concerns. I’m in my mid-30s and would like to have the liveliness I see in many 40-year-olds. What changes most with the passing of time might be that hope settles into acceptance.

      I agree completely about oral history! While I’m the only fiction writer in my family, we have many storytellers. Much of what I know about my ancestors was passed down by word of mouth. Some of my distant ancestors are recorded in history books, but reading those books is nothing likely like watching another descendant retell an experience that’s been passed down along the family line.

      My child memorizes the stories we tell her, and I love that she practices storytelling on her own. Then when she makes up songs, she mixes parts of the stories we’ve shared, the music she’s heard, and her individual feelings, usually exuberant. Her enthusiasm gives me joy.

  3. Welcome to the IWSG! It’s great to have you with us!
    Music is soothing, cost-free and highly therapeutic. So keep on singing!
    Just a reminder that we also have a facebook group as well as a Twitter and Instagram page where you’ll find loads of ongoing writing-related/book activities to keep those writing muscles sharp!
    Writer In Transit February Co-host

    1. Thank you! I need to check Twitter to see if I’m following the account there. Everyone has been really nice, so I’m trying to not mess up joining in.

  4. Unfortunately I have zero musical talent. I’m really envious of those who do, because I kind of think music is the purest of all art forms.

    1. The purest art form isn’t writing?!

      No, actually, I might agree with you. As long as someone can express the music, there are few natural limitations.

      Singing in a particular way is harder. I grew up with a girl who didn’t seem to have any musical talent but loved to sing. She practiced on her own for years until feeling comfortable singing in front of anyone, even her husband. Before I lost touch with her, she was singing happily in groups. That process for her was more like what many writers go through, which I think is interesting.

  5. So sorry you’re limited in expressing yourself these days. I wish you much health and wellness and joy. Joy is so important to have in our lives, even if sporadically. I came by from the March IWSG post. Don’t worry about being a day late. Post anyway! Some folks can’t go through the list the day of, and wait till the weekend to visit. So don’t worry about being late. Do it anyway!

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